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The Bible is one book that was written long ago but with the message that is very much relevant for all generations. It tells the beginning of God’s creation and predicts the end. It is full of blessings and curses. It contains God’s dealing with man down through time. It is the commonest book and found in homes. A lot of it messages had found their way into popular saying. Many have found the stories therein as examples to guide lives – in business, family, society, personal lives. It has given hope and comfort in the times of discouragement. It provides the way of forgiveness and second chance for those who seek to turn lives around. There are promises to be obtained.


Many who own Bibles will never read. Others read to criticize and ridicule, others make jokes and jesting from it. Majority of those who own or read the Bible do not profit from the message of the scripture.


  1. Why don’t men profit from the scriptures?

          (a)      Forgetful hearers – James 1:23 – 25

(b)      Ever learning but never come to the knowledge of

salvation – 2 Timothy 3:7

(c)      Not mixing the word with faith – Hebrews 4:1-2


  1. Who profits from the scriptures?

          2 Timothy 3:16 – the scripture is profitable to the following:

(a)      1 Timothy 3:13,15 – Those who profit gives themselves

wholly and meditates on the scriptures. They are not casual hearers.

(b)      They are not forgetful hearers.

(c)      1 Thessalonians 2:13 – They received the word, not as

the word of men, pastors, teachers, church but as the word of God.

As we read and learn the word of God together, please let us accept the scripture as God Almighty speaking to us. God makes promises to us through His word. He instructs us on decisions to take in every aspect of our lives. He warns us about dangers of disobedience. He tells us things to hope for. He explains the end of the righteous, the wicked and the world. He asks us to chose good, which is His ways that it might be well with us.


  1. What happens if a man received the word as the word of God and not of men?

          The word works in the person because he believes and obeys. People are blessed as they receive and obey the word of God (James 1:25). The blessings come by obedience.


  1. What are you going to do with what we have read and heard in this study?

          Luke 11:28; John 13:17; Revelation 1:3

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