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We worship Jesus without really finding out all about him, so some of us make good mistake while trying to talk about Jesus, why I say they are good mistake is because it is not expected that you should make that kind of mistake.
Of all the prophets in these world, that ever lived, of all the great philosophers in the world that the world hold so much, so much to quoting them everyday, of all the writers, publishers in this life, I have never found any that his birth was so much publicized like Jesus Christ.
Before Jesus was born or before the age whereby Jesus was to be born, many thousand years ago right in the Garden of Eden that is more than six thousand years ago God Jehovah began publicizing, advertising about the coming of Jesus, the reason why this particular birth was to be trumpeted throughout different dispensational ages before its eventually took place was because Jesus was not going to be a human being but it was actually the Godhead coming in to dwell in the world, so as soon as Adam and Eve failed in Genesis chapter 3, and God discovered they were naked and God decided to make a clothing for them God then gave the first publicity about the coming of Jesus.
In Genesis chapter 3:14-15 And the Lord God said unto the serpent because thou has done this, thou art cursed above all cattle and about every beast of the field, upon thy belly shall thou go and dust shall eat all the days of thy life and I will put empty between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head and thou shall bruise his heel. That was God publicizing, telling us about the coming of Jesus right in the Garden of Eden, when nobody had understanding of what God was saying, God said; no matter what you will do to the people that follow Jesus, you are only bruising his heel, so before Jesus was already born, God had already giving prophecy, he had already foreordained that Satan cannot hurt those who will be in Jesus’ the best of Satan or the best he can do to us as the people of Jesus is that he can only bruise our heel but what can we do? We our own is what? We can crush his head, So no matter the satanic problems, the spiritual problem you have, it cannot ruin you, it cannot take away our eternity, it cannot separate you from God and from all that God had promise you, the devil cannot give you salvation, so he cannot take away your salvation except you willingly hand over. So there was a prophecy that the seed of a woman is going to crush the head of the seed of the serpent and people didn’t understand, so as time keeps going on the birth of Jesus was further announced by some eminent prophets, but before the times of the prophets, God himself had demonstrated the man Jesus in certain administrative system, for example in the government of Egypt, God demonstrated the present of Jesus in Egypt by his choice man there, Joseph. Joseph became like a Saviour to other people, whereby every other person looked up to him and they went and settle in Egypt. So that was still a way of demonstrating or advertising or pointing us to Jesus. Now if we are to teach you on Joseph as a kind of Jesus a Saviour then you will see that there are too many characteristics, manifestations of Joseph that actually had resemblance to Jesus. One of it was for the whole Israel to look up to somebody that was once despised but they all look unto him and moved to live there, that was demonstrating Christ in time, and God was also demonstrating Jesus in different life apart from Joseph, you have somebody like Moses
Moses was a type of Christ, a Saviour every other person would look up to, a Saviour that would speak and they will listen, somebody that would lead the people and the only person to make intercession just like Jesus is seated at the right hand of God making intercession for all, each time Israel sin there were no any intercessors, these where pictures of Christ in different dispensational ages, even look at somebody like prophet Ezekiel, the bible calls him son of man and that name is a name that is reserve for Jesus alone, so before Jesus was born there were too many prophecies, look at some body like Isaac, he was a type of Christ, that was why the father took him to offer him he willingly gave his life, if had wanted to fight with the old man he had enough power to box the old man but he freely gave his life, that was showing us Jesus in Isaac. So every age, God kept showing Jesus in type through different person, through institutions, through nations that they have to deal with and later on, some major prophet actually began to prophecy about the coming of Jesus, before Jesus came into the world, we say there was so much publicity about Jesus over the years, hundreds of years, publicities were going on, adverts in different styles, so God was mobilizing the whole world in preparation for reception of Jesus. Isaiah 7:14; therefore the lord himself shall give you a sign, behold a virgin shall conceive and shall bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel. Can you imagine, I’m sure when Isaiah prophesy this, people were looking at whose family this virgin would come from, in the time of Isaiah, families would have been looking up to, virgin would have been glad that it would happen in their days, but little do they know that it is still going to take hundreds of years before the prophecy will eventually come into fulfillment. I challenge any religious head of any sect, come and tell me, whoever heard that you will be coming into the world? Those who claim that they be God and those who claim that they will be the only true prophet, whoever heard that you will be coming into the world? The coming of Jesus was not a hidden thing, the coming of Jesus was not a solo thing, the coming of Jesus was not just one day somebody was born, and now say i am the Saviour no. God had prepared the minds of the world, the people of the world in different dispensational ages to expect this Messiah, that he would come one day and so Isaiah even told us, Isaiah said, look at the way is going to happen, God himself is going to give a sign. Show me a leader whether in the world or in religious sect that God had ever given a sign before the person was born, the best you can show us is the sign of the devil that does not correspond with the truth and does not correspond with the light and does not correspond with the peace, you know that the prince of peace have to offer. God himself was going to show a sign and every body was waiting to see that sign, for how many years Isaiah lived I don’t know, but the people that waited under him would have said he was a false prophet but God was not going to stop with him, is still going to continue. Now after some times again, the same Isaiah gave another prophecy in Isaiah 9 when no body envisaged, after God had demonstrated Jesus in the life of Isaac, in the life of Jacob, in the life of Moses, in the life of David and that was not going to be enough God was still speaking. So in every Era, in every means of God communicating with people, he must first communicate Christ to the people overwhelmingly. So Isaiah chapter 9:6-7; For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is giving, and the government shall be upon his shoulder and he shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting father, the prince of peace. Those of you who get angry, Jesus is not God are you mad? Even before he was born, Jehovah God that showed and gave the revelation, he says he shall be called what? The Almighty God, he didn’t say it shall be called one of the gods, he said; The Almighty God. You that stay there to argue, Jesus is the son, the son cannot be greater than, you are picking the word of Jesus. Jesus said; the servant cannot be greater than the master and God is not divided. God the father, God the son, God the spirit is but one God, and their attribute is one, and when you come you collect what you have to, each of them functions in the way they have to function in oneness not in division. So blessed is the mind, any one that would have been expecting, to even expect that Jesus is coming was enough. Now look at verse seven; it says, of the increase of his government and peace, look at that peace, there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom, the kingdom of God that we are preaching today, so nobody can say, no body can end God’s kingdom because His kingdom is the kingdom of our dear Christ, he is the kingdom himself, so we preach him, to order it and to establish it with judgment and with Justice from henceforth even for ever, the zeal of the Lord of host will perform this. Thank God that was such a revelation. Can I ask whoever is rubbing shoulder with Christ, who saw your coming? who prophesied your coming. More than six thousand years ago in the garden of Eden God spoke that a virgin, there is something that would be a seed of a woman, as if people did not understand it, many hundred of years after God now made very open, he said look, I will be the one to give the sign, the sign is that it is going to what, a virgin that shall do what, that shall conceive; does that agree with what was spoken in the Garden of Eden? The seed of the woman, seed of the woman because it is not a man and a woman coming together to produce, it is a one way seed. So no matter how many hundred of years that pass, another prophecy is going to come, Isaiah didn’t read it, he didn’t know there was such a thing, but God gave him and it was documented by him, the same agreeing with what was spoken in the Garden as at that time before Adam and Even were send out, can you know this is the way of truth? And this the only true way, what are you still lingering, what are you still waiting? So that same virgin is going to deliver a child and the government shall be upon his shoulder and the beginning of his Government and peace, there shall be no end. In the finality of it all, Jesus will dwell in his tabernacle forever and forever and forever. Let us read Jeremiah 23:5-6, it says; behold the days comes sayeth the lord that i will raise unto David a righteous branch, can you say a righteous branch and a king shall reign and prosper, it shall reign and do what? are you called by the name of that king? then prosperity is your portion, in the name of Jesus. A king shall reign and prosper and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth, in his days Judah shall be saved, in his days Israel shall dwell safely and this is name whereby it shall be called, the Lord our righteousness, is God your righteousness? There is safety for you, is Jesus your righteousness, you are secured, you are protected, if he is you righteousness, he will plead all your cases, all those who victimize you, all those who rob you of your right, all those who snatch what is your own, he will soon fix things in place for you, By the mouth of Jeremiah again, there was another prophecy of Jesus coming not just like and ordinary man, no not a taut, I hear people say before I conceived, I saw one mad man on the road and he told me you are pregnant, this is not mad man o, these are men of God, loaded with anointing, move in the spirit of God, and they spoke not as they would desire but as the spirit lead them to speak, so the spoke, this is not I was fasting with flower, then a voice came that I will deliver a baby, and since you deliver the baby it’s a vagabond child. that is why people are just delivering arm robbers into the world any how, terrorist everywhere, because of wrong connections.
when you are connected to this Jesus, that is why you must know him first, you must know that from his birth, the teaching, the publicity, the advert, the way they came the design of the publicity of his birth is enough to offer you anything you need in this life, because he did not come by mere men, it came as holy men were moved in the spirit of God, so they spake…
Micah 5 verse 2; But thou Bethlehem Ephrathah though thou be little in Judah, It’s one of the city in Judah yet out of thee shall He come forth unto me that is to be a ruler in Israel, whose goings forth has been from of old from everlasting. Bethlehem oh of Judah even thou you may be small, there is an offer you are going to offer us, for out of you, you shall give us a king. A king is going to come out of you, and his reign is not just beginning at the time you saw him. Now let me ask you, those who join ancient mystical orders, can you answer this question? what make your secret cult ancient? when we can trail the history of the leader or founder, how he died and what he did, but Jesus had been reigning even before the cult was founded, you cannot know you cannot tell, you don’t even know where he is, people blasting into the sky with the aim to discover it, it has taking them to the moon, it has taking them to other planets, but the place they can never reach is the throne of God because God fill the place, so they cannot, so no matter what people are sending into that air its stop in the sky, but time is coming that you and I without any container, without developing any wing, we shall be carried, and we shall go up there. There shall be no more fears,because by then we will be no human, we will no more be preparing food that will take us for months, and it shall not take us to other planets, it shall take us beyond every other planet, and shall take us to the real throne of God, oh what a joy, if this is your expectation blessed are you, because we have this hope that a king is coming in Psalm 132:11 we are talking about the man Jesus, who is he? for you to know him,you must know everything about him. Psalm 132:11 The lord has sworn in truth unto David he will not turn from it of the fruit of thy body will I set up, what? Thy throne. Jesus’ throne is pattern after whose throne? the throne of David, can you remember the mad man that needed deliverance, how did he call Jesus? Jesus thou son of David, how do we see him? they trails the root. 1 Samuel 7:11-13 And the men of Israel went out of Mizpeh, and pursued the Philistines, and smote them, until they came under Bethcar. then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpeh and Shem and call the name of it (Ebenezer) saying hitherto had the lord help us so the philistine were subdued and they came no more into the coast of Israel and the hand of the lord was against the Philistine all the days of Samuel. 1 Samuel 7:16 And he went from year to year in circuit to Bethel, and Gilgal, and Mizpeh, and judged Israel in all those places. Now what am i trying to make out of this that Samuel was a judge a judge in Israel but his life was patterned after Christ. There were many Judges, we had Jethro, Deborah and so many of them, but Samuel’s own office and administration was patterned after Christ and that was why anything he needed to do he did it in symbol, those whose life were patterned after Christ. Look at Abraham,if Abraham is going to set up a stone,God did not tell him that am going to give you a nation that you shall divide them into twelve nation, God didn’t tell him but when he wanted to erect Altar, how many did he choose? 12, did he know that will be divided in twelve? Now Jacob came to set Alter without knowing what his grandpa did, he did the same thing, when Isaac set Altar when there was not water coming out from their well, and wanted to offer sacrifice unto the lord, they said. And when Elijah that is another man whose life is patterned after his Saviour so that is why I was saying that it cut across all ages, in the time of the king, in the time of the leaders, in the time of the judges, in the time that there was nobody even the human conscience, God was still showing Christ in different people, institution and nation or nationalities and He was still showing ever before Christ was born, Christ was seen openly anointing people, it is only in Jesus that can give anointing, and you saw Samuel doing it. Now, in the new testament, I want to say this was much of prophecy but then in Luke 1 the new testament was not even quiet, it was so loud and the new testament was found quit often, quoting the old testament, through out the book of Matthew even into Acts, Acts of the Apostle, they were quoting the old testament, so those of you that say old testament has expired, its has not expired because its tells us to have a focus on Jesus and tell us to be able to enter the new testament. Luke 1;26 And in the six month, the Angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee of Judah of a virgin, a spouse to a man whose name was Joseph of the house of David and the virgin name was Mary. Now from the time of the prophecy of Isaiah to the time of Luke how many years, now for that ages alone had been over four hundred and fifty years (450yrs) So if you permit me I will say for about a thousand eight hundred to two thousand years (1800-2000yrs) a prophecy is coming into fulfillment and the bible is telling us that that particular year, the month of June, And the Angel came in unto her and said Hail! thou that are highly favoured. We are talking about publicity and advertisement, Mary does not but the Angel is coming to adverstise something to her now, declear or proclaim or advertise something to her.And the Angel came in to her and said Hail! thou art highly favoured the lord is with thee blessed art thou amongst women and blessed are the fruit of thy womb, and when she saw him she was troubled at its saying. Why is this Angel greeting me like this. And cast her mind what type of salutation this is. So while that was still going on. An Angel said unto her fear not Mary for thou has found favour before God. God is about to fulfill a prophecy, the prophecy of God over six thousand years ago (6000 yrs) is about to be fulfilled and God has just found somebody, can you bring up yourself in such a way that God will find you.small girl, you are coming up, your parent are trying to show you God but you are looking out, you go everybody defiles you, they promise you marriage and at end nothing, it doesn’t work and you are defiled. What God said is about to take place because God has found somebody. And behold thou shall conceive verse 31 conceived in thy womb and bring up a son and shall call his name Jesus.Is the prophecy contradicting itself? No, you know what we would have said because after so many years the thing keep changing. The passion of the world keep changing but God does not change. The same reason and condition giving to Abraham is the reason and condition given to us today to worship God.So when you say things are changing what is changing. The word of God does not change its abides forever, so if you want to know the ways of God open the scriptures, that is not what is happening in the world, the way of the scripture is not the way of the world. The world would judge and condemn the scripture and crucify it, burn bibles. But it is not so, this is the show truth. That which was said in the garden of Eden my brethren was going to be fulfilled in the life of a virgin, and this women may not have known what God spoke in the Garden of Eden considering her age, considering that she was not educated, so she did not read or go to the Library to comb out some informations and consider the time, may be if I say seven thousand years (7000 yrs) am counting with now so we can say four thousand plus the fulfillment was coming, already she was trouble the way they were greeting her. verse 32 says; It shall be great. What did you think your Jesus was? Small? Some people their god is so small, so that they can carry it, you see them carry it like this, you ask them what is that, they say this god is very powerful and you are carrying a powerful God on your palm that God did not create that you palm.And so it shall be great and shall be call the Son of the highest. Can you see where you have fraud, that is why no Jupiter, no demon, no principality, no powers no witchcraft of any standing can take you out of his hand when you are there. So when you say do you know Jesus.
There was a song we sang, (do you know what Jesus is to you) so it means a lot and he should means a lot to you, so that no man deceive you, so that no man says all these Jesus fanatic, if I can even be a fan of Jesus, so I should be able to be a strict fanatic, maybe much more than him, because he was never dancing to the ways of the world, when the world would go this way he would show them a perfect way that was completely out of their ways. Today is not the case, the church is becoming extremely worldly and the world is penetrating the Church and the are diluting the power of the church, so the Church would talk God but at the end nothing, no wonder every minister now would learn how to be a very big orator so you just talk not preach, but that is not what our Jesus is saying, He says; And the Lord shall give unto him the throne of his father David and he shall reign over the house Jacob forever and of his kingdom there shall be no end.When you read Micah chapter 4:7 it tells us that his kingdom has no end, and we read also in Jeremiah. In matthew 1:22-25; Now all these was done that its might be fulfilled which was spoken of the lord by the prophet saying behold a virgin shall be with a child, which prophet was this,all these was to happen to be a fulfillment to that which the prophet had spoken to also be a fulfillment to that which drop down in the Garden of Eden there was a very powerful message God drop that day and it was not just and ordinary message but it was a message of deliverance and power he said you see the way you deceive these people and use them extensively so as to rob humanity in future, the same human being that you rubbish, this time am not to make a male and female, there is going to be a seed of a woman and when she comes, that which would come out of that you will see it is going to crush your head, that is we are able to close down covens, that is why we are able to make mammy water and witch doctors shrine. If I know a witch doctor shrine all I need to do is to just walk on that street and pass, when my shadow is cast in the premises of that shrine then you will see that the native doctor would be in trouble because all his demons would disappear, why? Something is wrong when a greater than he, you go there everyday, do you think demons are in the shrine? there are no demons in the shrine, that is why a native doctor need to mold something and keep to terrify you, now as much as they mold them and keep, when they still want to go the devil, the devil is not still there in their molding, what do they do? They are begging to invoke and conjure and a lot of things to bring the present of the devil. Now to all that is said, the bible says; God the father, son and holy spirit is dwelling in us bodily and we are complete in him, are you complete in Christ? Now show me a shrine, just walk pass by the shrine and you will see that no devil will respond on invocation, you don’t need to go and stand in a shrine and say I cast you out, because you say you are an intercessor, you have no brain, first know your standing, let my shadow and my footstep or let me just walk and you park the sand and throw into the shrine, no demon, if ordinary native doctor sees you in a far place, you don’t even know he is a native doctor and he is running away to take a different location, and people are asking you what is it, and he said don’t you see Helen Ukpabio, that is her standing there, that woman she destroys powers o, how? You are passing you own, they know when the power from the highest is working in you, you said you want to close your father’s shrine you don’t even need to close it, just carry me let us walk pass, that is the end of the shrine. That is what Jesus has done for us who have come into his kingdom and he says if I cast out demons, with the finger of God and you are witnesses, and we are casting out demon because he gave us the power, then the kingdom of God is brought neigh to us, so our labour for the kingdom is not we have not even seen. The kingdom of God you don’t by faith, you are already walking in it, by salvation you have already entered, and the physical labour of taking the message, church, ministry, taking the message to all land is a sign of toiling for the kingdom that must endure and have a reward, Matthew 22:42; Saying; what think ye of Christ, whose son is he? they say unto him the son of David. And am asking you what do you think Jesus is? because if you read another verse you will see Jesus asking, what does David said he was?

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