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      1. BROKEN FITNESS; JOHN 5:3, JOB 2:4-8

For many, health, and fitness of the body is broken.Many are living with termidnal diseases. for such, life has ceased to have a meaning. The constant pain, the drain in finance, the torment and dread of impending death looms larger than life. In this state, the sick cannot concretrate on meaningful and profitable activities. Each day brings uncertainty. many have lost fortunes to hospitals and native doctors in the hope of obtaining a cure. when healh is broken, other things will eventually break.

    2. BROKEN FINANCES: LUKE 15:11-16

In this bible passage, the finances, business  were broken. he had to look for the lowest of jobs and worst pay. Yet this was impossible. Broken business and finances come with a lot of regret and pains. The pain of falling with no one to help and seeing a way out can destroy hope, faith and love. it is true money answereth all things and Eccle. 7:12, 10:19 is also a defense. It brings confidence and positions among men. All these are lost when finances and business are broken. Is your finance broken? Where is your business?

   3. BROKEN FAMILY; EPHESIANS 5:21-33, 6:1-6

The family is the first institution establish by God. It provides comfort, love, companionship, friendship and care. It is where the man is the king, the woman is the queen and the children are bold and happy as princes. It is the first and best fortress of man. When all fails, a man runs back to the family to find support, understanding and encouragement. it is where we find appreciation for little efforts and achievements, it is our hiding place.when there is war inside the home,where can the people find enough strength and will to carry on. Broken homes leads to confused man,frustrated wife and wayward children.  A happy society and church are made of happy homes. Broken homes , is the curse of the morden age.

   4.  BROKEN FAITH: HEBREW 12:12 -17, GALATIANS 3:3-4, 2 PETER 2:22, PROVERBS 26:11, PSALM 78:34 -37

How sad to the world to behold a man who had escaped the sins and corruption in the world through faith in Jesus, to turn back to eat his vomit again, this happens very frequently. A broken faith may lead to broken home, finances and health.




PSALM 51:12, jEREMIAH 30:17, JOEL 2:25. Whatever is broken can be healed. he is the Lord that healeth us. Bodies will be healed, finances will be restored , families will be healed, backsliders will be restored and broken hearts will healed. These are the promises of God in the Gospel.

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