Barrenness Healed

We did our traditional marriage in November 1995, hoping to raise children, which is every man’s desire. For sometimes nothing happened, so an uncle directed us to the next village, where we did a horrible assignment. My wife was put in a shallow grave and she was asked to bath at midnight. One day on her way back from the village, she had a terrible accident. We thank God nothing happened. We were invited to so many prayer houses particularly the one at Mbukpa called Mount of Olive. We received prayers from many women in their homes all to no avail. Back in Calabar, we were directed to so many places, where we did a lot of assignments and sacrifices, even at the riverside, in the name of divorcing my wife from marine spirits, using pigeons for sacrifice. Back at home, we sacrificed goats and certain leaves were given to us for soup.

When my wife got employment at the Metropolitan Hotel, Calabar as a caterer, she was posted to Ikom Branch. Our landlord there directed us to a herbalist. There we started treatment until the herbalist suggested that excreta from the pit toilet be filtered for her to drink, which I refused. I also underwent many medical tests for sperm count, while my wife was referred to a specialist at University of Jos Teaching Hospital, where she had to undergo an operation. On our second visit, they carried out what they called Laparotomy. She was admitted in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, where they carried out another operation to flush her tubes and place the womb in its proper position. My uncle called me again one day and advised me to marry another wife if I don’t want my lineage to be lost. We continued in this embarrassing condition until the first Saturday of June 1996, when we were invited to Liberty Gospel Church, for the programme: “Child for the Barren”. We attended the programme at No. 70 Target Road. The ministration of the Lady Apostle encouraged us to stay and worship with Liberty Gospel Church with the believe that God will visit us at His appointed time.

Year in year out, we keep attending Child for the Barren programmes believing God. Our prayers was answered on the 13th October, 2009 we had a beautiful baby girl.

And to make the name of our spiritual leader to remain memorable in my family and the community we named the child Lady Apostle Mama Helen Agiourim Anditung. To God be the Glory.

Bro & Sis. Emmanuel Akeh Anditung Headquarters, (Calabar)