God has filled my mouth with laughter and my heart with joy. I was denied my promotion for the past six years without any reason of which some people in my place of work told me to go and see the man in charge and do what they thought was needful but I told them no, that I only need to present the man before my great God.

In all my prayers, I have always been presenting the case to God and as God would have it, in the month of April 2018 which happens to be a Sunday, while in church the Minister asked me what I wanted God to do for me this week and I said I needed money but was told that money will come that, I should present a pressing need. It was at this juncture I remembered my promotion which had been held back for the past six years. The Minister ministered to me, told me go that my promotion has been released.

I want to thank God today because I received a double promotion same month without seeing anyone. My God did it for me.

To God be all the glory.

From Sister Alam Eyam