In the month of March, my organization was schedule to have a meeting in Enugu State in which pensioners from various state were expected to be in attendance. I and two other colleagues of mine boarded a vehicle and left Calabar for Enugu.

As we journeyed towards Abia State, we met a police officer who beckoned on us to help him as he was also heading for Enugu State. We carried him and continue the journey .As we drove towards Enugu road, the police officer screamed that he has forgotten his office key in owerri and needed to back to get the keys. We dropped him along the road, he crossed over to the other side of the road and we drove on.

About five kilometre from where we dropped the police officer, our tyre just punctured. We brought out the spare tyre, the jack, but couldn’t find the jack handle. On looking for the jack handle were the police officer sat, we saw a pistol. The argument amongst us was, are we taking this pistol with us to Enugu? As retired security personnel, if this pistol is found on us it will be a very serious offence. I went inside the bush dug the ground and buried the pistol.

Not too long, we came towards a police check point. On seeing our vehicle approaching, the officers came out with their guns, ordered us to clear the vehicle, show the particulars of the vehicle and driving license. We did all that but they weren’t satisfied, they told us they were asked to search our car. They searched the entire car including the boot and engine and removed the tyres of the car.

After about two hours of being there we then decided to get something to eat. As we were about leaving we heard the officer in charge telling another officer that the pistol was placed in the car. That was when its dawn on us that it was a set-up. After about two hours more, God intervene for us and we were asked to go.

From that moment I developed a terrible headache. went to various hospital and doctors said I had developed a brain tumour. I did all I could, but the pains were still there. On Friday during the healing conference, the Lady Apostle gave a word of knowledge concerning my case and I received my healing. No more pains and no more brain tumour. To God be all the glory.